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391 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03)9640-0731
Open: Tue-Sat
Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm
Dinner 5:30pm-10:30pm

What's “KUROBUTA”?

Japanese Traditional Food


Kenji Higuchi

 Who is a Chef and also owner of Gypsy&Pig. Gypsy&Pig is the third Restaurant for him which he had established ever in Melbourne. His restaurant always has only one chef. And so He is him.

 In 1996, he came to Australia beyond the border, when he had have piled a lot of experiences as a chef (Japanese,Italian,French,etc) for eight years in Japan.  After he had worked as a Head Chef of 'Traditional-Japanese-Dinning' at 'Suntry Restaurant', still he has kept brushing up his skill more and more, given a position of Head Chef at some restaurants in Melbourne. His first own business was small Sushi Take-Away Shop established in Bentleigh in 2001. That kind of take-away shop was not so popular as much as today in those days. Next his new business was 'Modern Japanese Tapas', the name is 'Horoki', established in city in 2005. This restaurant might be first unique restaurant in Melbourne being called 'Izakaya' now.  Things he starts are always new and give us unprecedented experience. His dishes all look beautiful and you can see his cooking skill and sense of presentation with them. Now, his next one has already started at a little corner in city. This is a "Speciality Restaurant" specializing in Japanese "Kurobuta", which is new style of restaurant no one has seen before in Australia. One of unique characteristics of this restaurant is that this place is very tiny. So you can see well how Kenji in open kichen cooks the dishes which is gonna be served in front of you. Exactly, it is his style. Extraordinary experience and skill as chef must be there. Everyone who knows his cooking would agree that no one but him could do same thing.

- His Creativity -


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 In Japan, there are plenty of 'Speciality Restaurants' that specializes in cooking with specified ingredient or in specified dishes such as 'Yakitori-Ya' or 'Ramen-Ya'. You would visit these restaurants to have only Yakitori or Ramen. because you could never have 'Sushi' at 'Yakitori-Ya' or 'Tempra' at 'Ramen-Ya'.

 Gypsy&Pig is , another name 'Buta-Ya', which means 'Specialty Restaurant' specializing in ' Buta (Pork) Dish ' ( 'Tonkatsu' is deepfryied pork, and this's our signature).  'Tonkatsu' is the most popular and traditional pork-dish in Japan. Actually, the recipe is very simple.  And that is why the kind and quolity of pork is very important for the good taste of 'Tonkatsu'.  Although almost all our menu are pork-dishes, the difference between Gypsy&Pig and others is that our pork is absolutely 'Kurobuta', authorized as the Highest Quolity of Pork in Japan. (female only for the best taste at Gypsy&Pig)  It's not same pork as one you've ever had in Australia.  At Gypsy&Pig, you can experience the tastes of various Kurobuta-dishes, and nowhere else.
 "Kurobuta is in what I'm specializing and believing. Which is one of Japanese Quolity-Brand of food that we are proud of like 'Wagyu'.  So letting all of Australian people know the great taste of Japanese 'Kurobuta' is just my dream." , said Kenji Higuchi. Who is a first 'Pork Specialist' at first 'Specialty Restaurant' in Australia.


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 This is not a general Japanese Restaurant you have known. More precisely, we are 'SPECIALTY RESTAURANT of Japanese-Pork'.  That we are specializing in 'pork' means almost all our menu are pork-dishes.  So, if you feel like having pork or if you have never eaten delicious pork before, this is the best and only one place to satisfy you in Australia. In all pork-dish menu we have, our signature is ' Tonkatu (とんかつ)'. ' Tonkatsu' is deepfried pork-loin covered with breadcrumbs(Panko), which is Japanese typical dish. In Gypsy&Pig, you could enjoy real ' Tonkatsu' with our original ' Tonkatsu-Sauce' as if you were in real ' Tonkatsu-Ya' in Japan.

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Category Speciality Restaurant of Japanese Kurobuta
Cuisine Japanese
Establishment 2012
Chef Kenji Higuchi
Owner Kenji Higuchi
Phone (03)9640-0731
Address 391 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000 Australia
Opening Hours Lunch 11:30AM-2:30PM
       Dinner 5:30PM-10:30PM
       From Tuesday to Saturday
       Close on Sunday, Monday and Public Holiday
Voucher Please call on (03)9640-0731 for datail info.
Reservation  Plese call on (03)9640-0731 to take reservation.  *We have counter and table inside. *Inside table is for minimum four persons. *There is no umbrella or heater for outside table. *We could have sessions for weekend dinner. Thank you.


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2007 Cheap Eats Grand Champion
-The AGE Cheap Eats 2007 Award-
Won as a FIRST Japanese Chef. In addition, surprizingly this restaurant had never appeared in this guide book or any press until this award.
"Horoki" (Liverpool Street, City, 2005-'10)

2012 Top of New Restaurant in Australia
-Urvan Spoon 2012-
"Gypsy&Pig" (Lt.Lonsdale Street, City, '12-Now)




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391 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne
VIC 3000 Australia

The Corner of Hardware Lane and Little Lonsdale Street.
Ground Floor in Two Stories Building.
(* Many Pigs Inside)


From Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch 11:30AM-2:30PM
Dinner 5:30PM-10:30PM
( Close: Sunday, Monday and Public Holiday )